Rare Books and Special Materials


The FIMS Graduate Library Rare Books and Special Materials Collections contains 45 items including a small cuneiform clay table, examples of papyrus and parchment paper, a scroll, and several leather and paper bound books. The collection is used for educational purposes at FIMS to show examples of rare book materials to Library and Information students.

Many of the items are originals as far as the research and original donation and/or purchasing records show. Some items are facsimiles but still rare (as in the case of the Don Quixote facsimiles created in the 19th century) and still have educational value to show students elements of the original (such as the Gutenberg Bible or the Book of Kells in which the originals are in another collection).

The items have been described using the Dublin Core metadata fields and by using the AACR2 and DCRM (Descriptive Cataloguing of Rare Materials) cataloguing standards. Library of Congress Authorities were used to include the subject and creator fields and the ALA Rare Books and Manuscripts Section (RBMS) was consulted to ensure proper controlled vocabularies for rare books and bookbinding were used. Any new items added to the collection should strive to follow these descriptive standards to maintain consistency. WorldCat was also helpful for finding out additional information about the items such as author/creator, publisher, date, and subject headings.

Collection Items

Miniature Leather-Covered Bible [original]
Binding: good ; brown leather ; some rubbing ; bumped corners ; paste-down endpapers have handwriting

Spine: good to very good ; brown leather ; gilded title ("BIBLE") ; gold tooling (rubbed off) ; very light wear

Textblock: fair to good ; some…

The Works of the English Poets [original]
Binding: fair to good ; paper covered boards ; some spotting ; bumped corners ; some wear on edges ; front cover loose

Spine: poor ; covered removed ; exposed sewing

Textblock: good to very good

Contents: The Poems of Edmund Smith ; The…

Boyle's Fashionable Court and Country Guide for January, 1833 [original]
Binding: poor to fair ; front cover completely separated from material ; spine and back cover are still connected ; red leather with gold tooling [border detail and a crown with the initials "A" and "R" on either side of the top of the crown on the…
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