The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs



The True Story of the 3 Little Pigs


"Everybody knows the story of the three little pigs, right? Wrong. Only now has Alexander T. Wolf (known also as Al) chosen to tell his side of the story: and as it turns out, it's really about a sneeze and a cup of sugar. It seems that when Alexander T. Wolf arrived at the first little pig's home to borrow some sugar, he had a terrible cold, and so he sneezed a great sneeze that devastated the house made of straw. From that point on, events seemed to conspire against Alexander T. Wolf: and when the press got hold of the story, they turned things around to such an extent that Al landed in jail looking very much like the Big Bad Wolf. Scieszka's hilarious story opens up all kinds of possibilities for response activities. Certainly, many older children may choose to do some background research on trials and then read other versions of this familiar tale in order to gather the evidence needed to script and conduct the trial of Mr. Wolf. The story might also motivate children to retell other favorite folktales from new perspectives (M. G. Gillis, Southwest Texas State University)."

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Scieszka, Jon


Viking Books for Young Readers


Smith, Lane (illustrator)


Text ©by Jon Scieszka 1989, illustrations © by Lane Smith 1989



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