Zoom Away



Zoom Away


"Ages 5-8. The second book in a series that has twice won the Amelia Frances Howard-Gibbon Illustrator's Award (the Canadian Caldecott) finds white catzoomtravelingtothenorthpole in search of his seafaring uncle. Journeying with his human friend Maria through the icy, snowfilled corridors of her mansion, Zoom goes it alone at a tiny doorway leading to "The Northwest Passage." It's too bad that Maria shows up later at the abandoned Cat Ship to take Zoom home, since this plucky kitty needs no rescue. The final scene showing the two friends asleep in an elegant living room will make young listeners and readers wonder if this--like so many fantasies--"really happened" or was just a dream. While the text is elegantly streamlined, it assumes knowledge of the characters and events in the first book. Reminiscent of the work of Chris Van Allsburg, the full-page, episodic, black-and-white pencil drawings have a strong handling of light and shadow, composition and form. "

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Wynne-Jones, Tim


Groundwood Books


Beddows, Eric (illustrator)


Text © 1985 by Tim Wynne-Jones, illustrations © 1985 by Eric Beddows



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