Scaredy Squirrel



Scaredy Squirrel


"In a nutshell, Scaredy Squirrel is the story of a small squirrei living in a big and frightening world, never leaving his nut tree. Green Martians, killer bees, germs, and sharks are just a few things the agoraphobic Scaredy Squirrel dreads. Then, one day he accidentally falls out of his tree. As he falls, he realizes he is a flying squirrel. "He feels overjoyed! Adventurous! Carefree! Alive!" Slowly, after playing dead for two hours, Scaredy begins to like the notion of adventure and soon reorganizes his daily routine to include "jumping into the unknown." Melanie Watt, author and illustrator, does a marvelous job showing that the seemingly terrifying in life is oftentimes only hype, and a little adventure is what life is all about. Teachers and their students will fall in love with Scaredy and enjoy exploring his maps, lists, timelines, routines, and charts."

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Watt, Mélanie


Kids Can Press


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Text and illustrations © 2006 Mélanie Watt



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